MK Rose,
Campbell Park, Milton Keynes, 2013

The MK Rose, located in Campbell Park, is a new public space for Milton Keynes where everyone can commemorate, celebrate or remember a special person or event throughout the year. The Commission was to create a public space, a 21st century cenotaph, somewhere where people could go to mark, commemorate, celebrate, irrelevant of faith, creed or colour.

The defunct fountain in Campbell Park was designated as a possible site and provided a perfect space in which to produce a circular design. Based upon the mathematical beauty of a flower and the maths that inspired Cathedral Rose windows but remains constant as the ‘Spira Mirabilis’, the divine proportion whether a poppy, lotus or sunflower. It is the geometry behind much of the worlds sacred architecture.

The MK Rose features a calendar of days important to the people of Milton Keynes, chosen by the Cenotaph Trust and the people of Milton Keynes through a variety of community workshops. These are represented by 105 pillars arranged in the geometric design of a flower.


In collaboration with:
Typography & Illustration – Why Not Associates
Community Engagement – Ana Ospina
Production – Sawyerworks Ltd & Mark Powers (The Rose carving)
Installation – Joseph Bradley Builders

The Cenotaph Trust