June 15, 2014

The world’s most ‘generous’ public spaces…

The Comedy Carpet has a mention in an article featured on the Design Council’s website. Written by Wayne Hemingway it considers ‘generous’ design and why it doesn’t take ‘starchitects’ or big pots of money to create inspiring public places.

“Remarkable examples of beautiful and truly generous design are popping up all around the world. By generous, I mean places designed for people to use, enjoy and improve – at no cost and for no profit…”

On the Comedy Carpet…

“This is urban design and art in the landscape working together in a seamless and perfect fashion. It celebrates kitsch, history and modernity, and has something for all tastes.

Visitors love the Comedy Carpet and they cannot stop photographing it and talking about it. Just look it up on Twitter or flickr or Google images, it is staggering how many images you’ll see. Bingo – success.”