Climbing Towers & Boulder Wall
Blackpool, 2006

To launch Blackpool’s major regeneration initiative, Re Blackpool, a work was commissioned for the town’s new park in the central corridor. The project sets out to deliver a range of world-class facilities that responds to the dynamics of the leisure market, while delivering economic and social improvements to the residents of Blackpool.

A work of art that functions as signage and leisure facility and sculpture was the solution for this site. With expert advice from British elite climber Ian Vickers, the two 20 metre high Blackpool climbing towers were designed and cast in black concrete made with locally sourced stone and aggregates. In huge climbable letters the name Blackpool is inset in white granite. The adjacent boulder wall is made from waste off cuts from boulders and offers a 20 metre horizontal climb with 24 hr access.

The towers have become a new landmark for the town and the climbing area attracts a steady stream of climbers of all levels along with curious spectators.


In collaboration with:
Typography – Why Not Associates
Implementation – Russell Coleman

Blackpool Council