Ealing Rock
Elizabeth Square, Ealing, London, 2018

The lyrics of a song descend line by line to the ground on which it was sung. The words come from the George Formby song “Count your Blessings and Smile” from the film ‘Let George Do It!’, it was the first comedy from Ealing Studios to deal directly with the Second World War. In the film, a ukulele player accidentally travels to Bergen, Norway instead of Blackpool and is mistaken for a spy.

It was widely considered George Formby’s best picture and seen as one of the major morale boosters of the war, it was a big success in New York and Moscow where it had long runs and played to packed houses. The unheroic hero brought home George’s optimistic message which was badly needed in 1940 – ‘Count your Blessings and Smile’.


In collaboration with:
Typography – Why Not Associates

St George